The Polish state vs anti-fascists in Katowice

A most excellent blog that I recommend is that of Lukrecja Sugar, which deals with anti-fascist work here in Poland.  Through the blogger I have been keeping in touch with the ONR meeting last week in Katowice (many photos can be seen on another blog here).

"Death to the enemies of the fatherland"

Note how the word “enemies” (“wrógom“) is made to look like the Hebrew language.

Lukrecja points out that above the main text is a quote from a Polish Nazi band “Honor” who had a song with the lyrics: “Just like Adolf Hitler destroyed the Jewish state.  Let the force return that shall last!  National socialism is the one way for the country”  (“Tak jak Adolf Hitler niszcz żydowski stan. Niech powróci siła, która będzie trwać! Narodowy socjalizm Jedna droga dla kraju”).

Anyway, so far, so fascist.  Of course, it is this group of people who organised the “March of independence” last November in Wrocław and Warsaw, attended by many Nazis together with members of the mainstream, the Wrocław march being met with hardly any opposition.  That’s not the point of this article, however.  Lukrecja here makes a strong allegation against the Polish police (a summary of the translated text):

The country’s authorities and police sent undercover officers disguised as anti-fascists to enter the ranks of the anti-fascists to cause confusion and neutralise any protest.  Such is democratic methods.  Conclusion: The security forces are leading the way for a neo-fascist ONR order.

Now, to being with, this seems a tad extreme.  I do know that it is common that states are more concerned with anti-fascists than fascists.  Whether it is British security forces spying on Christian left-wingers or German police working in cahoots with Nazis while the state instigates programmes in schools about “left-wing extremism”, I don’t trust state reactions to fascism.

What I also know is that the police attacked anti-fascists in Katowice (from here):

Without any warning or explanation, riot police started to push the protesters, using batons, shields and kicks. One of the female activists that tried to negotiate with the police was pushed to the ground and brutally beaten, as well as four other antifascists pulled from the crowd by undercover police officers and arrested on the spot. Between 14:30 and 15:00, there were at least three other police charges on kettled antifascists, during which the protesters were kicked, beaten with batons and verbally abused by the police. The organisers of the demo were unable to talk to the officer in charge of the action, in spite of numerous attempts to do so.

ltogether, around 110 people were arrested (nearly all the protesters that made it to Stawowa). During the arrest, numerous of them were beaten and abused by the riot police and plain clothes officers (one of whom was so aggressive that one of the other coppers has to force him to leave the demo). The police has broken the law — the officers have refused to give their names, ID numbers and the reasons of the arrest to the arrested (instead, the antifascist were threaten with violence if they refuse to get inside the police vans). In spite of legal requirements, arrested antifascist were not informed about the possible legal aid, the police refused to contact their next of kin and to provide a medical help for these in need of it.

One of the activist, suffering from asthma, has developed a breathing problems after 3 hours in police bus — she requested a medical help, but the police officer escorting her has refused to call emergency service — he let her leave the bus for… 5 minutes instead.

Paving the way for a ONR-fascist government the police may or may not be doing.  Abusing human rights they certainly are.  Lukrecja says:

Do not be surprised when in several months anti-fascist demonstrations will involve thousands of people.  The reason for this is because no society likes it when the police supports authoritarian, neo-fascist inclinations. Time will show.

One can only hope that that is right.


5 comments on “The Polish state vs anti-fascists in Katowice

  1. Czarny Kot says:

    A ‘March of Independence’ in Poland organised by people who quote Adolf Hitler…

    The PiS / Smoleńsk conspiracy theorists appear both sane and harmless in comparison, although I did see one man blame Smoleńsk on both the Germans and Jews, two groups wih a long tradition of cooperation………

  2. You’re right that they quote Hitler.

    I don’t get the point about cooperation between Germans and Jews.

  3. Czarny Kot says:

    Sorry, that was a bit of sarcasm on my part.

    Russia and Germany go together well in the mind of a conspiracy theorist and Jewish conspiracies are bread and butter for them but it takes an extra special type of paranoia to lump them all together.

  4. […] in mind that the police use their powers against anti-fasicists as well.  In this article I mentioned how anti-fascists were beaten by police in Katowice, where also someone with asthma suffering […]

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