Shoulder to shoulder

So it turns out that some Poles are worth more than others.  400 złoty per head, to be exact.

Here one sees that those patriots who can afford it are invited to listen to various mediocre conservatives.

The antifa community is largely focussing on this somewhat news of a lack of egalitarianism within the fascist community.  Like it’s a big surprise.  What I came across once (but without any details) is that the ONR/NOP organisers of the “march of patriots” are having money problems and are therefore hoping that real patriots will pay out 400 złoty to listen to these mediocre conservatives.  Tools to tear paving stones from the floor and matches don’t fall out of trees.

I would like however to focus on another issue, that which I mentioned in this article.  Yes, I know, self-referencing is the mark of pretentiousness, but here I believe it to be worth it.  In this article I looked into conservative support for ONR/NOP’s “march of patriots”, showing how not only are various minor right-wing parties attendees at the march, but also that liberal organisations like KoLiber are also happy to support such marches.

Obviously, the openly violent, racist and anti-semitic nature of ONR and NOP are not a turn-off for such people, seeing as they find a hatred of the left-wing and things like immigrants (especially with coloured skin) in common.  It’s fairly easy in Poland to spot the racist, seeing as they don’t even hide behind the “concern about genuine issues that concern white people” shite that most political parties hide their racism behind.

As I said in that article, the fight for fascism in Spain in the 1930s saw businessmen and women, the RC church and fascists work together, and that now sees some pro-business people in Poland link up with fascists, though not always with the support of the RC church.

The following will give speeches to the ONR/NOP members: The PiS member Wojciech Roszkowski; science-fiction writer, American Republican party voting, free-market fan, not-a-fan-of-Islam-so-it-seems and anti-poltical correctness Rafał Ziemkiewicz and free-market fan Łukasz Warzecha.

Which goes to show, the ONR/NOP (Nazi-saluting, Holocaust-denying, Roma-attacking, synagogue-attacking, children’s workshop-with fire disturbing) brands are not toxic.  There is no outcry when free-market liberals and conservatives are happy to be associated with them, which is remarkably not only in itself, but when it is so obvious as to the nature of those who organise the “march of patriots”.

Hmmm, changing the subject somewhat, in my last article I spoke about a nationalist attack on a vegetarian restaurant in Wrocław.  I had actually predicted a year ago after the “march of patriots” in Wrocław that such an event would occur.  I was also right with regards to the free-marketeers/fascist connection in Poland.  You don’t want to know what my next prediction is.  I’ll just say that I am hope I am wrong.

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