Wroclaw police and racism

1m złoty is to be spent on combatting hate-crimes and xenophobia in Wrocław (source in English, in Polish)

A few points:

I said on my old blog after 11/11/11 that the average “patriot” not aligned to fascist activities are likely to become radicalised as a result of the NOP/ONR/football fan alliance.  This story shows that those doing the violence were those same football fans.

It is good that more surveillance will be made of fascist groups.  However, this isn’t totally good news.

From wolnywroclaw.pl

From wolnywroclaw.pl

During 11/11/12 I saw two plain clothes policeman take away one anti-fascist protester (who was drunk and acted alone).  Meanwhile the police did nothing when the fash attacked passers-by with fireworks and flares and shouted racist slogans, all of which are illegal acts.  I gather that the police did not act (as they also didn’t act when the fash attacked anti-fascists in 2011) as they didn’t want to “provoke” the fash.  Certainly, police tactics against the fash are not working (witness also the fact that it took them 45 minutes to get to Wagenburg, despite the fact that they knew of a possible attack earlier).

Bear in mind that the police use their powers against anti-fasicists as well.  In this article I mentioned how anti-fascists were beaten by police in Katowice, where also someone with asthma suffering breathing problems was not helped by police.  11/11/11 in Warsaw saw German anti-fascists (those who were attacked by historical reenactment society members) forced to strip in cold cells; denied water, food and interpreters.

It is very telling that this money is being given to state apparatus, but nothing to the civic society.  The fight against hate-crimes requires more than a more powerful state.  It requires people prepared to inform the police of hate crimes.  It requires people to intervene when they see them happen.  It requires them to actively stand up against fascist organisations on the streets, making it clear that we oppose their views.

One thing not mentioned is whether more attention will be given to the labelling of hate crimes (as Sukurs reminds me).  Perhaps it will happen, or perhaps this will simply lead to an extension of state powers, powers that can also be used against anti-fascists.

One very obvious question is: How many police members have racist/homophobic/anti-semitic views?  All over the world one can find evidence of such people (such as here, here, here, here and in Warsaw)

It is very worthy to ask how many policemen and woman are members of NOP, ONR and Młodzież Wielkapolska?  How many have connections to Blood and Honour?  What kind of monitoring of police exists?

From "konkret" magazine

From “konkret” magazine

In the context that police all over the world have members with fascist and anti-demoratic views, the question arises as to the impact of pre-1989 police on the present police.  I know that, in Germany police who were Nazis by and large kept their posts afterwards and were responsible for the training of current members of the police. (Here i recommend “Critical policemen/women“)  Given the post-WWII situation of building a new democratic west Germany it makes sense that they employed people with experience.  My question is, what happened in Poland?  How many police now were members pre-1989?  What influence does the pre-1989 generation still have?  (I am not relativising the Nazis and Polish Stalinists here, by the way.  Racist police structures exist all over the world).

This is not (oh liberal reader) to say that all policemen and women are fascists.  I don’t want to contribute to paranoia.  They are however questions worth asking.


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